OEC Graphics has been leading the way in advancing the flexographic industry through the relentless pursuit of appropriate and cutting-edge technology for 100 years. We have the experience and expertise to develop the most appropriate technology solutions for your specific needs — resulting in the highest quality and most sustainable results for your company.

In addition to development of the most cutting-edge technologies, including HD Flexo, HD ITR and Flat Top Dot, we also offer technical expertise through press-side support. We stand beside customers during press runs, press characterizations for color accuracy and consistency, and equipment analysis and selection, guiding them to the highest performing, most cost-effective decisions to deliver the results they need.

We also offer our cutting-edge OEC-DFM™, or Digital Facilities Management, program to converter customers. We provide customers digital plate-making equipment on-site, train your employees or offer OEC on-site employees and support with the desired level of front-end services. This allows converters greater control and economic flexibility with significant cost savings.

Our innovations have captured industry-wide attention and recognition through several prestigious awards, including multiple FTA quality awards including Best of Show in 2010 and numerous gold medals throughout the years.