HD-ITR™ and HDFlexo™ offer gravure quality with flexo technology. HD-ITR is the first and only North American ITR seamless photopolymer sleeve offered with High Definition Flexo imaging (up to 5,000 dpi screening), resulting in exceptional print quality with increased tonal range, smoother tints and accurate registration for maximum-impact packaging graphics.

HDFlexo revolutionizes digital flexo by combining high-resolution optics with finely tuned screening technology to create high-definition results with sharper details, higher contrasts, an expanded gamut and extended tonal range.

OEC’s exclusive Flat Top Dot™ Technology, used in conjunction with HD 2.0, produces the most advanced printing system in the market. When applying this technology, all dot do come to the surface which raises the floor height to help support the main dots. Solid cell openings are sharper than non-flat top dot structures. This combined technology of HD 2.0 and Flat Top Dot can be applied to all flat photopolymers and to OEC’s ITR polymer solution, Seamex, allowing for finer copy and reverses along with cleaner print.