Sustainability is an important part of the triple bottom line value we deliver to customers. In addition to seeking out the most efficient ways to reduce costs and improve quality, we also guide our partners to improve their processes in terms of environmental impact.

Within the print process are factors that greatly impact the environment and costs; OEC ECO Solutions provide you the competitive environmental edge to realize these benefits within the
printing process.

ECOlution is our sustainable program created especially to maximize cost savings and improve print quality while increasing operational sustainability. Our products remove the third largest contributor to raw material waste from the process. They also reduce water and chemical solvent usage. The use of our ECO products can give you the competitive advantage by helping your customer improve their sustainable packaging score and have produced results of up to a 5% improvement.

Some of the most recent innovations from OEC Graphics that improve sustainability for converting and printing operations include Seamex, OEC-DFM and the OEC ECO Plate Cleaner.